What does it mean to be a Virtual Tenant?

A Virtual Office allows small and medium businesses the benefit of a prestigious address, landline phone numbers and support without having to commit to a dedicated office space.

You can minimise your office expenses, particularly while your business grows, by retaining the impression of a physical office.  You can work from home, while giving the impression that your business has a professional office address.  Your customers expect to see a real business address when they are determining whether to do business with you, along with finding your address on google searches and marketing material.

Maitland Business Central also offer Virtual Reception where we can answer your business number by a real person who can take a message it and forward the call as required.  If you are relying on your mobile phone as your main business line, consider that most people dont leave messages and often wont try calling again later if a line is busy.

Who would benefit from a Virtual Office?

You would be surprised.

The flexibility of a Serviced Office offers lots of benefits that can support your business as it grows such as:

  • start up businesses – who don’t want to use their home adress and/or mobile numbers on their marketing and correspondence.
  • professionals who share offices with other businesses but want to maintain an independant marketing identity
  • businesses expanding into new regions
  • businesses wanting ot test the market of new regions and determine interest
  • Professionals looking for reception and office support but dont want the expense or hassle of hiring their own employee

How to get started?

Set up is fast.  We can get you set up in a matter of a day or two.

What is the Cost?

Packages start from as little as $25/week, depending on your needs.

Take your business to the next level it deserves to be.

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