Please find our Terms & Conditions Below for Bookings made with Hamlet

Booking rules

Bookings within Hamlet (our booking platform ) are possible for both internal Members and External guests as follows:

Guest bookings

As a casual guest that has already booked and paid for a booking these rules apply:

  • You are able to update the booking up to 24 hours before the booking.
  • You may only update the booking relevant to the same room and the same about of hours, therefore can only alter the start date and start time.

If it’s within 24 hours of the booking, then no changes are able to be made to the booking via the portal.

Guests may submit a cancellation request from the portal to update a booking within this 24-hour window or even after a booking date/time has passed.

It is then at the discretion of Maitland Business Central staff to follow operations to resolve the a request.

Options in this case are:

  • Staff may rebook for a future date/time, choosing to charge full price, a discounted rate or offer it for free (100% discount). Generally, the following rules apply:
    • 48 hours+ notice prior to the booking date/time = 100% discount
    • 24 – 48 hours’ notice prior to the booking date/time = 50% discount
    • Less than 24 hours’ notice prior to the booking date = 0% discount
  • Staff may create a Booking credit within the customer’s account in Hamlet to be used at a future date/time.
  • Staff may create a Credit note (for invoiced customers) in the invoices area for the respective amount which can then apply to a future charge/invoice.
  • Staff may refund the customer (Manually via the Payment Gateway portal).
  • Staff may refuse the change request and leave the charge as is for the booking, offering the customer to re-book.

Member bookings

If a member has already booked, then these booking these rules apply:

  • They are able to update, edit or cancel the booking up to 24 hours before the booking.
  • They may only update the booking freely, change room, time, or length of booking and it will update accordingly.

If it’s within 24 hours of the booking, then no changes are able to be made to the booking via the portal.

Members may submit a cancellation request from the portal to update a booking within this 24-hour window or even after a booking date/time has passed.

It is then at the discretion of staff to follow operations to resolve the customer’s request.

Options in this case are:

  • Staff may remove the old booking and the item will not be charged on the upcoming invoice.
  • Staff may remove the old booking and rebook the meeting for a future date/time at no charge to the customer.
  • Staff may leave the charge as is for the booking, offering the customer to re-book or to rebook for them.

Generally, the following rules apply to cancellations:

  • 48 hours+ notice prior to the booking date/time = 100% discount
  • 24 – 48 hours’ notice prior to the booking date/time = 50% discount
  • Less than 24 hours’ notice prior to the booking date = 0% discount

Please find our Terms & Conditions Below for a Serviced Office Agreement.


Maitland Serviced Offices Pty Ltd ACN 107 713 600 located at Suite 2, Level 1, 14 Bulwer Street, Maitland (herein called M.S.O) trading as Maitland Business Central AND you, the Licensee agree on the Fee paid to M.S.O. for the term of this Agreement under the following conditions.


We will provide the number of offices for which you have agreed to pay in the Agreement.


Your Agreement lasts for the period stated and will then automatically be extended month to month under the same terms and conditions as are provided by this agreement.  Your Agreement will be reviewed annually. This agreement may be terminated by either party hereto after the expiration of the term.  Should the Agreement go into holdover, this Agreement can be cancelled by not less than one (1) months’ notice in writing.  Should the Licensee be in breach of any of the conditions, M.S.O. may by notice in writing terminate the agreement and require the Licensee to vacate within seven (7) days.


You may at any time have as many employees working in your office suite as noted in this Agreement. If you exceed this number for more than one day per week on a monthly basis, an additional fee will be charged at $100/person/month to cover services and amenities.


You must only use the accommodation for office purposes, and only for the business stated in your Agreement. You agree to use the office for the agreed purpose and will all times conduct yourself (along with your staff or visitors) in a courteous and professional manner.  You will at all times ensure that the office is maintained in a tidy and professional manner.  You agree that the premise is a no smoking area.


You must take good care of all parts of office suite, its equipment, fittings and furnishings which you use. You must not alter any part of it. You are liable for any damage caused by you or those in the business center with your permission or at your invitation.


You acknowledge that cleaning staff will have access to the office on a regular basis and that you will be responsible to keep secure all documents of confidential nature.


It is your responsibility to arrange insurance for your own property which you bring into the business center and for your own liability to your employees and to third parties.


You agree that we can enter your office suite at any time. However, unless there is an emergency we will as a matter of courtesy try to inform you in advance when we need access to carry out testing, repair or works other than routine inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. We will respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your business.


If for any reason we cannot provide the office suite(s) stated in your Agreement by the date when your Agreement is due to start we have no liability to you for any loss or damages but you may cancel the Agreement without penalty. We will not charge you the standard fee for offices you cannot use until they become available.


We may by notice suspend the provision of services (including access to the business center) for reasons of political unrest, strikes, or other events beyond our reasonable control, in which case, payment of the standard fee will also be suspended for the same period.


Initial IT set-up is provided.  Any other IT support thereafter will be charged at $80.00/hour.  This does not include MSO-wide IT issues.


In the unlikely event that we are no longer able to provide the services at MSO as stated in your Agreement then your Agreement will end and you will only have to pay standard fees up to the date it ends and for the additional services you have used.


Any keys which we issue to you, remain our property at all times. You must not make any copies of them or allow anyone else to use them without our consent. Any loss must be reported to us immediately and you must pay the cost of replacement keys and / or changing locks, if required. If you are permitted to use the business center outside normal working hours it is your responsibility to lock the doors to your accommodation and to the business center when you leave.  A refundable deposit of $100/key will be required at time of issue.


We are not liable for any loss as a result of our failure to provide a service as a result of mechanical breakdown, strike, delay, failure of team, termination of our interest in the building containing the business center or otherwise unless we do so deliberately or are grossly negligent. We are also not liable for any failure until you have informed us about it in writing and given us a reasonable time to put right.  You agree (a) that we will not have any liability for any loss, damage or claim which arises as a result of, or in connection with, your Agreement and/or your use of the services except to the extent that such loss, damage, expense or claim is directly attributable to our deliberate act or our gross negligence (our liability).

We will not in any circumstances have any liability for loss of business, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or damage to data, third party claims or any consequential loss. We strongly advise you to insure against all such potential loss, damage expense or liability.  We ask that you provide us with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate for us to have on file.


You must indemnify us in respect of all liability, claims, damages, loss and expenses which may arise (except to the extent caused by our gross negligence or wilful misconduct) including:  a) If someone dies or is injured while in the accommodation you are using; b) From a third party in respect of your use of the business center and the services and c) If you do not comply with the terms of your Agreement.

You must also pay any cost, including reasonable legal fees, which we incur in enforcing your Agreement.


We may put an end to your Agreement immediately by giving you notice if:  you become insolvent, go into liquidation or become unable to pay your debts as they fall due; you are in breach of one of your obligations which cannot be put right or which we have given you notice to put right and which you have failed to put right within fourteen days of that notice, or your conduct is incompatible with ordinary office use.  If we put an end to the Agreement for any of these reasons it does not put an end to any outstanding obligations you may have and you must:  a) pay for additional services you have used; b) pay the standard fee for the remainder of the period for which your Agreement would have lasted had we not ended it, or (if longer) for a further period of three months, and c) indemnify us against all costs and losses we incur as a result of the termination.


Your Agreement is interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of New South Wales. We both accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales


We will increase your current standard service fee on annually by a minimum of 4%. This will only apply to Agreements that have an original start and end date constituting more than a 6-month term.


All payments will be transferred via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) monthly by you.  The fee shall be paid monthly in advance.  The charges shall be paid within 14 days of receipt of invoice from M.S.O.


MBC Uses a cloud-based phone system powered by Vxt to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls. Should you require your business calls to be answered in your business name by MSO, we will arrange for a diversion of your phone or mobile number to be diverted to our phone system.  All diversion charges will be paid by you.

If your use of the provided internet connection negatively impacts the current infrastructure and clients, another solution will need to be investigated for you. If you have specific requirements that are not able to be met by M.S.O., you will need to provide this at your own expense.


Air conditioning shall be available between the hours of 7.00 am and 7.00 pm.


We do not make any representations as to the security of our network (or the Internet) or of any information that you place on it. You should adopt whatever security measures (such as encryption) you believe are appropriate to your circumstances.

We cannot guarantee that a particular degree of availability will be attained in connection with your use of the services. You hereby warrant to us that our provision of these services to you will not infringe the rights of any third party.


The terms of your Agreement are confidential. Neither of us may disclose them without the other’s consent unless required to do so by law or an official authority. This obligation continues after your Agreement ends.

Please note, you will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance for Public Indemnity when signing your Agreement.

Terms & Conditions Below for Casual Office Use

Please find following the Terms & Conditions for use of Maitland Business Central (MBC) premises under a Casual Rental arrangements:


For casual room bookings:  meeting rooms, boardroom and training rooms the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 2+ Days’ notice prior to the booking date = 100% refund
  • 1-2 days’ notice prior to the booking date = 50% refund
  • Less than 1 days’ notice prior to the booking date = 0% refund

Date Change:  Changes can be made without penalty 2 day’s prior to booking

Minimum Booking 

Booking rates are based on hourly rates.

Minimum fee is 1 hour.  Hourly rates apply (half hours are charged at full hour rates).

Whilst on our Premises

Being a shared workspace, it is important that you keep in mind the privacy and comfort of others, and be mindful of using common areas and keep noise levels to a minimum.

Please be mindful that our tenants and visitors are working or meeting and appreciate a quiet and professional working environment.

If you are hosting training or large meetings, please make your attendees aware that it is important to move quietly and respectfully throughout the premises.


  • On arrival at the MSO the hirer will need to sign-in at Reception.
  • MSO opens at 8.30am and closes at 5.00pm. It is the responsibility of the hirer to vacate the premises prior to 5.00pm each visit

Emergency Management

  • The hirer is responsible for familiarising themselves with the MBC Emergency Evacuation Plan and the emergency assembly .
  • Plans and assembly point locations are posted at each exit point of the
  • A copy will also be provided to the hirer on arrival along with an induction by a staff member in regards to emergency exits, evacuation points, facilities and

Duty of Care

  • If hiring a meeting or training room, the hirer undertakes to exercise full duty of care to all participants using the room (hired by the hirer) at MBC whilst they are the hirer

Alcohol & Drugs

  • MSO is a drugs“ free”
  • Alcohol is not to be brought onto the premises, unless this has been arranged with management for appropriate functions.


  • MSO is a smoke-free Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building or within 10 metres of any entrance/exit.

Terms of Use

  • The hirer is prohibited from removing any artwork from on the walls.
  • The hirer agrees to pay for any damage that occurs due to their use of the facility and equipment.
  • The hirer is not to move furniture without the permission of MBC
  • If keys are issued, costs to replace keys or re-key locks will be passed on to the hirer if keys are lost or not


  • You are required to leave the training or meeting space as you find it – everything you bring, must go with Rubbish bins are provided.


  • Standard coffee, tea, sugar and milk are supplied by MBC as part of your hiring
  • If you required catering please discuss with MBC prior to your function.  A service fee will also apply.
  • Self-catering needs to be advised with MBC prior to your function.  A service fee will also apply.

Property not owned by MBC

  • Neither MBC nor its staff will be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the hirer or any person, firm or corporation entrusting to or supplying any article or thing to the hirer by reason of any article or thing being lost, damaged or
  • The hirer indemnifies MBC against any claim by such person, firm or corporation in respect of such article or

Violation of Laws

  • The hirer shall not violate statutory regulation or law in or about MSO.


  • If the hirer is in breach of any of the above conditions, the hirer understands that this agreement can be terminated without further notice and without refund of or hire fees or bond (if applicable).

Please contact Maitland Business Central on 02 4934 9920 to discuss any of the above.