When moving out of your home office makes sense.

We know how challenging it can be to create a work-life balance.  Working from home has certain advantages, but its not for everyone.

Over the years, our members have pointed out what they love about coming into their office:

  • they feel they belong to the business community.
  • they connect more with people, even if it is a quick hi in the hallway
  • they feel good about getting up and getting dressed and going into the office
  • they can schedule their work time more effectively
  • they feel more productive when they are in the office
  • they feel their business has been taken to a new level

Over the years we have helped many businesses set up their new office space:

  • start up businesses
  • businesses establishing themselves in the Hunter Region
  • businesses building a clientele base in Maitland and the surrounding areas
  • businesses finding it hard working from home due to various distractions

The great part of being a Maitland Business Central member is that we can find the solution that work for you.  What does that look like?  It might be one solution or a combination:

  • Virtual Office (utilising our business address for your marketing and communication)
  • Casual office space (using our offices as needed – for 1 hour or 1 or more days/week)
  • Serviced Office (permanent space that is yours 24/7)

Being part of the Maitland community we are passionate about supporting local businesses and watching them grow and prosper.

Becoming a member at Maitland Business Central offers your business a key to a professional workspace and lots of perks.

Take the step and learn more.
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